Designing a comfortable home involves many different elements including making your home more secure. While you’re thinking about interior design, cleaning regimes, and home maintenance include security too.

If you’re looking for ideas to make your home more secure consider these five upgrades.

1 . Biometric locks

Biometric locks use personal info as a means of identification, instead of a conventional key. These keys work by using an optical or thermal scanner, the scanner records fingerprints so that only authorized people can unlock the door. When the scanner detects that an authorized person is present, the system prompts that personal to input their PIN. As well as providing additional security, biometric locks are more convenient, because you don’t need a physical key. With the right smart home security solutions you’ll design a secure property.

2. Security screens

Security screens are steel mesh screens that cover doors or windows, these are designed to prevent break-ins and maintain ventilation. These screens can be fitted onto various types of windows and doors, including sliding doors, bifold doors, or casement windows. 

If you’re looking for the best screens for your home check out xceed security screens. These screens have plenty of different applications, to suit various security needs. Xceed mesh is crafted from aluminum, with amazing visibility and durability, and strength.

3. Shatterproof glass

If you’re keen to upgrade your windows and doors you might consider investing in shatterproof glass. This is a type of security glass, while it’s not completely unbreakable it is incredibly shatter-resistant. If the glass does get broken, the shards remain in place and do not shatter inwards. There are lots of advantages of shatterproof glass including:

  • Reduced risk of forced entry.
  • Lowers energy bills.
  • Protection in events of extreme weather.

4. Security cameras

Installing security cameras is an excellent way to make your home more secure. There are lots of different types of security cameras, to suit a range of budgets and needs. One of the most popular types of security cameras are doorbell security cameras. Other types of security cameras include infrared security cameras, wireless cameras, or wired cameras. Even the presence of a camera can act as a visual deterrent to thieves.

5. Invest in a safe 

Lastly, investing in a safe is the perfect way to keep your valuables secure. There are several different types of home safes to choose from including burglary safes, gun safes, fire-resistant safes, or diversion safes. The type of safe that you choose will depend on your needs and budget. Diversion safes are particularly effective, these are specially designed so that they do not resemble a conventional safe. You can purchase diversion safes that look like coke cans, books or even hair brushes! The idea is that thieves will ignore these items in the event of a break-in.

Upgrades like this will help to improve your home security and give your peace of mind. Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable and at ease, which is why it’s so important to consider security features.