Buying clothes for men is pretty much the same as buying for women. Buy stylish clothes that are of good quality. And when it’s a gift, you’d like it to be truly appreciated.

Are you shopping for yourself, for a friend or partner, or as a gift? Here are five golden tips for buying clothes for men. 

Consider their size and body type

As with women, not all clothing is created equally. A large t-shirt offered by one brand isn’t necessarily going to meet the same dimensions as a large t-shirt offered by another brand. This is why it can be worth factoring in body type when shopping for clothes. There are brands out there for tall slim men and brands for shorter stockier men. When buying clothes for men, it’s worth looking into these brands to find clothing that is the right fit.

Know their style

Feeling comfortable in clothing is important. When buying clothes for men, consider their personal style. If they’re not the type of person that likes eccentric fashion choices, you should avoid buying them anything too outlandish as the item will most likely sit in a drawer gathering dust for the rest of eternity. If you’re buying for a man who is brand conscious, consider the types of brands that they regularly wear. Don’t be afraid to ask ‘would you wear this?’ before splashing out on something expensive.

Invest in high quality clothing

High quality clothing is likely to last longer. When buying clothing items like suits for men or shoes, think about the quality. Clothing from well-respected brands is likely to be more durable and a good investment. Be careful of buying cheap imitation clothes online – if you spot a pair of $10 brand new Nike trainers, consider the fact that they’re probably fake. 

…but don’t forget to look for discounts

While high quality clothing is worth investing in, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still grab deals. Plan your purchase early so that you can look out for discounts. Many stores will regularly have sales throughout the year- these are a great opportunity to buy high quality men’s clothes at a discount. Check out online coupon sites to see if you can pick up any discounts this way. 

Don’t overlook staple items

Staple items are your everyday clothing items that can be easily mixed and matched with any other piece of clothing. They include basic jeans, plain tees and monochrome socks. Staple clothing is practical and more likely to be worn than a statement piece like a wild tie or designer jacket. Such clothing is also fairly affordable. Consider these items if you haven’t got any ideas or are looking for an extra present.