Thick eyebrows can be loved or hated. There are no absolute truths when it comes to beauty. Certain facial features and styles are loved by millions of women yet deplored by others. Thick eyebrows are a case in point.

There are numerous people who would love to have a pair of thick, lustrous eyebrows gracing their foreheads, but plenty on the opposite side of the fence who would prefer to groom them into a sleeker, more discreet shape.

If you are unhappy with your full eyebrows, there is no need to worry. Thick eyebrows can be groomed easily. All you need to do is follow a simple routine at home to keep them in perfect shape. The best bit is, you don’t need to pay for professional treatments and there are plenty of eyebrow kits and other grooming tools you can buy for personal use.

To get you started, here are five tips for maintaining thick eyebrows.

Use the right mirrors

Grooming your eyebrows can seem a little complicated when you first start, and you need to be sure you can see exactly what you’re doing. Your mirror setup is crucial, and the best arrangement is to have two mirrors, one of which is magnifying. Your magnifying mirror will allow you to see the finer detail when plucking your eyebrow hairs, while the larger one will help you to see the bigger picture.

Take it slow

When tweezing your eyebrows, it is very easy to get carried away and before you know it you’ll end up completely hairless. It is essential that you take it slow, only plucking one hair at a time before checking the overall picture in the mirror. You won’t need to have a full grooming session every day, as it will take a while for plucked hairs to grow back, but check your appearance and the mirror each morning and remove any errant hairs if you need to.

Tweeze from the bottom

All the beauty experts recommend that you tweeze your eyebrows from the bottom up, as this method will be much more forgiving if you get too trigger-happy with the tweezers. This will protect your brow shape from overplucking, but again, make sure to take it slow and check your progress regularly. 

Consider your brow shape

Everyone is different, and a style that looks fantastic on someone else may not be right for you. When tweezing your thick eyebrows, therefore, you must take the shape of your face and brow into account, as well as the position of your eyes, nose, and hairline. This will give you a solid guideline as to how much you need to pluck. It may also help to look at photos of celebrities with a similar facial structure to your own for inspiration. 

Trim carefully

If your brows are thick enough that you need to trim them with scissors before tweezing, then take the utmost care. Make sure you brush the brows up before you start, as this will highlight any stray hairs and take tiny snips each time.