Real estate shifts between a seller’s and buyer’s market. So it’s wise to add value to your home where you can. Some of the easiest yet most effective outdoor extensions will add value, fun and lifestyle choices for your home.

Every home is different as are the lifestyles of those that live there. When thinking about outdoor extensions consider your lifestyle, budget, maintenance, whether you will remain in the home, and re-sale value. Here we outline five of the most popular outdoor extensions that add fun and value to your home.

Luxury Swimming Pool Decking

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, that’s amazing. There’s tons of fun to be had with your own pool, and there are numerous health benefits. A pool also adds a wow factor to your property, especially if it’s in a country with good enough weather. However, pools require a lot of maintenance. Fortunately, companies like Decking Hobart can install luxury pool surroundings such as decking. Wooden decking rather than tiles around your pool adds a touch of elegance. Coupled with themed landscaping and proper lighting, you can create something stunning.

Beautiful and Stylish Pergolas

Everyone loves to sit out and enjoy the sun. But you might also need protection from UV rays with some shade or to keep yourself from getting wet in light rain. Pergolas are the perfect solution, and they are trending right now. Pergolas are small and stylish shelters typically made from wood and are excellent as porch or patio coverings. They aren’t as large as other coverings, so they are ideal if you have limited space. And they’re a cheaper solution that will add tons of value. Not just financially, the real value with these outdoor extensions comes with enjoying your garden.

Add Value to Your Home with a Simple Carport

One survey in the United States found that half of the people with a garage in their home don’t use it or park their car. The main reason is that they don’t like the effort of opening the door and physically moving the vehicle. The solution is essentially an outdoor garage known as a carport. A carport provides many of the benefits of a garage without the hassle of messing with doors and spending five minutes trying to fit your car inside. Carports will protect your vehicles from UV rays, rain and debris, wind damage, and the dreaded dried bird poop. 

The Humble Patio

As simple as a patio is, it can provide tons of family value and add a little on top to your home’s value. Typically made from concrete or slabs, a patio can come in various materials such as composite wood, natural wood, and tile. However, a patio provides a simple yet effective way of increasing your home’s functional space. Something a buyer looks for these days. They can be installed in a day. And the cost is very low compared to other additions. Once your patio is installed, you can dust off the barbie, uncover the loungers, and work on a family fun day. 

Light and Airy Verandahs

You can think of a verandah as a large pergola. A verandah makes for a stylish, elegant, and much-loved addition to your home if you have the space. With a verandah, you get to enjoy the benefits of being outside with much of the protection of being indoors. The design of verandahs makes the light airy since they are open at the ends. This sometimes makes for a gentle breeze as you also enjoy the warmth of the Summer sun. And when it rains, as it usually does when you least want it to, you have fully covered protection across the structure.

With verandah construction comes a host of other upgrades! Of course, there’s the outdoor furniture overall that could push for a full landscape redesign, but there are also more practical upgrades that will add value. Consider a roof replacement, especially if your home is old and frequently exposed to inclement weather. If your home is new and you’re planning to stay for a while, you could also consider installing solar panels on your verandah. These are some of the most efficient uses of solar energy and they will help reduce the cost of your electricity bills while keeping you connected to the power grid!

Needless to say, there are many ways to use verandahs in your home. They’re great for entertaining guests and family members alike, especially during special occasions like birthdays and parties. They’re also useful even for small businesses that need an extra room! But no matter what you use them for, it’s certain that they will never disappoint!


There are many ways to add value to your home with an outdoor extension. Easy and practical solutions include decking for your pool, a simple pergola for your porch, or even the humble patio in your garden.