Are you thinking to upgrade your home, whether it is to help sell or make your home feel more premium? There are several ways to achieve comfort and style relatively easily.

There are five ways to help you upgrade your home from enlivening your front entrance to being smarter… your home that is.

Upgrade Your Home Entrance

When guests arrive, you want your home to be inviting. That’s why you should think about changing up your entrance. Starting outside, if you have a path, line it with lights and plants, this will guide the way to your front door. On your porch, you could add a few potted plants or statues to give a grand entrance appearance. Make sure they are symmetrical, so they are pleasing to the eye.

Repaint your door a bold colour and add a focal piece such as a knocker, doorbell or a wreath. Once you enter the property, make sure it is not cluttered with coats and shoes. A clear entrance with a few photo frames or small plants will make your guests feel calm and welcome when entering your home.

Upgrade Your Home with Paint

After a while, your house can start looking worn and tired. A quick and effective way to solve this is to simply retouch your walls with some paint. You will be surprised how much of a difference some fresh paint can make. Stick to neutral colours throughout your home to create a light and airy feel. The good thing about sticking to neutral wall colours is that you can change up the colour by adding a pop of colour through furniture and paintings.

Upgrade with Smart Home Devices

Every home should be equipped with a smart device, they are revolutionary and a must-have. If you haven’t got one yet, we recommend you get one. Smart home devices can connect to your mobile phone, so you can control your heating, lights and alarm, etc. wherever you are. You can configure heating to turn on when leaving work or your driveway lights to turn on when you are near your home, it is all automatic as the device does it for you. 

Air Conditioning Upgrade

Having an air conditioning unit will change your well-being especially in the warmer months. It is an essential piece of equipment you should have installed in your home to make it cooler for you and your guests. 

Upgrade Your Garage 

The garage is the one room that usually gets ignored. However, when you want to upgrade your home, spruce up that forgotten space. Organise the interior by installing some heavy-duty shelving units, this will help remove all clutter from the floor, creating space to wither park your car or for a workshop.

If it doesn’t already, we would recommend installing some electricity and lighting, especially if you want to use the space for that workshop. Once the electricity is there, you should consider installing some durable motors for your roller shutters for your garage door. This will create ease when opening and closing the door and give a premium feel to your garage. 

We hope we have helped to get you thinking about what upgrades your home might need. For more interior tips, check out: Before Renovating My Home, What Should I Consider?