Are you struggling to decide on your wedding gown? It’s a big decision and one that grows in magnitude as your big day approaches. Can you find the perfect dress? We say ‘yes’.

A wedding dress is one of the most essential outfits a person will wear in their lifetime; for many, it will make or break their big day. What if you make the wrong decision? What if you change your mind once you buy it? What, if what if, what if…..

They say you know it is the perfect dress when you put it on, and many of the popular wedding shows on TV also allude to “that feeling” when you find your dress. But with so many different designs, styles, materials and colours to choose from, how do you narrow down your choice? This post looks at some tips for helping you to choose the perfect wedding dress.

What Is Important

Before you even think of picking up a bridal magazine, you must know what is essential to you dress-wise. Do you have a specific material in mind? Do you covet a high fashion designer dress, or must it be a particular colour, for example? You need a list of non-negotiables before you start looking to help you narrow your search. Remember, these aren’t set in stone, and you can change your mind if your options don’t work for you.

Set A Budget

While it is nice to think you can spend thousands of dollars on a dress, the reality is that if you cannot afford it, it is a waste of money, and blowing your budget on a dress can severely impact the wedding. Be realistic about what you can afford and what you find a reasonable price for a wedding dress for your big day. You can find many gowns at lower prices if you shop out of season or look for discounts without compromising on what you want. This will be different for everyone, but having a budget in place will help.

Photo by Thomas AE on Unsplash

Consider The Location

Each and every wedding day is special and unique. No two are alike, which is part of the beauty of weddings. When picking your dress, consider your location and the environment. Heavy satin gowns with many layers and lots of material won’t always be suitable for beach weddings, for example, or those in the summer heat. The same can be said for a strapless or sleeveless dress for winter weddings with no cape or cover-up to keep you warm.

Use your venue to inspire you. You can draw on the type of wedding you want to help you narrow your choices, from a traditional ballgown to a more modern, sleek style with jewels.

Pick Who You Take Carefully

While it can be fun to invite all your girlfriends, mum, mother in law to be family members to help you shop for wedding dresses, the chances are the more opinions you have, the harder it will be to make the final decision.

Keep your shopping group small with only people you trust to help avoid too much confusion and make the process much easier.


When choosing your wedding, the last thing you want is to end up with something you come to hate. While you need to be able to feel a connection with your dress, you should also be sensible when making your purchase to ensure you have made the right choice.

Header Image Photo by Maria Orlova on Unsplash