When the home looks dull and dreary, it’s usually the interior walls we first commit to sacrifice at the altar of the interior design gods. And quite rightfully too! When the walls look great, they can breathe life into the rest of the decor.

However, if the interior walls are not looking so splendid, what will breathe life into them? The answer is, not much. You can have the best interior design style, the best display cabinets, sofas, dining tables and more; yet if the walls are dull, everything looks bland.

So maybe before the spring arrives, it’s a good idea to start revamping interior walls to make them more alluring and creative.

Mosaic photos on Interior Walls

One way to truly inject a bit of character into your home is to create a mosaic photo for your wall. This could be an enlarged photo from one of your albums such as you while you were on holiday in Thailand, a photo of your children or perhaps a photo of a landscape you took. Mosaic wall art is very popular in contemporary homes but it’s a feature that originates from ancient Greece. As you may know, mosaic culture occurred in Greece and then eventually ventured into Ancient Rome. The reason why it’s so alluring is that most of the time, each piece has been crafted or painted by hand. 

Classic art

Classic paintings are timeless. This is why so many very grand and luxurious homes still have such paintings on their interior walls to date. For example, the hauntingly beautiful painting of the ‘Fallen Angel’ by the 24-year old Alexandre Cabanel in 1847, would go well in any home. Hang this painting into your foyer or in your hallway. Perhaps it would go well at the landing of your staircase? A classic art painting like this or how about another one of his masterpieces, ‘Ophelia’? A fair maiden from the Shakespeare play, Hamlet. She eventually goes insane due to Hamlet’s actions and drowns. Such sadness and beauty, brought into a magnificent existence by Cabanel’s brushstrokes.

New tiles? Wait…

Old and tired tiles are one of the major reasons why so many of us choose to breathe life into our walls. However, if you like your tiles you don’t have to change them. You can instead, call upon the services of tile repair professionals like https://loosetiles.com.au/. They can take the tile off the wall, clean the underside and refit it to make it snug and tight again. Then they will clean the tiles using their special method, to bring out the colours and patterns that looked so amazing once upon a time. Rather than taking 2 weeks, they only take a day. Your bathroom or kitchen are ready to use the next day. Result!

The interior walls of your home are the canvas that we hope to cover with our artistic nature. But sometimes they become stale and boring. These ideas should give you cause to rethink your own home and question if you are expressing yourself as well as you could.