Could end of year creative projects help you welcome the New Year? As we think about the year that’s been, it’s therapeutic to look towards positive things to come.

2022 has been a big year for many people. Political turmoil, difficult news stories, and of course, even the resurgence of conflict. Keep up with the latest happenings, and it’s hard not to feel deflated. Not to mention many people are still ‘coming to’ from the hardship of the pandemic, looking to the future and hoping it’s more rosy than life feels right now.

Thankfully, the end of year provides us with the chance to take stock, to look around at the things we really do have and appreciate, and to try to focus on well-being.

A good way of doing that is to implement a few end of year creative projects that can inspire you, socialize once more, and perhaps even bond with those closest to you. This doesn’t detach you from the importance of being informed of course, but it can help you deal with some of the emotional residue you’ve built up through the year, allowing you to feel refreshed once more.

Let’s take some time to discuss what these activities might be, and how to make the most of them. We’ll also discuss why they can be beneficial to your spirit, and how to greet 2023 with renewed warmth thanks to your fun activities.

Make A Great Halloween Costume!

A great Halloween costume is great fun to put together, and remember, you get to choose the extent of how complex or realistic it is. There’s no test to pass here, just whatever you feel comfortable wearing and trying to find that which is the most fun. You may use Halloween costumes purchased as a fantastic base, and then sew a few accessories or purchase a couple of props to expand on the motif. We can bet when the frightful night occurs, you’ll look just the part.

Write A Short Story Or Two

It’s easy to think you need to invest so much money into a new creative project, but you may notice that sometimes, you can take part in it for free. Do you have a pad and pen, or a computer device with a word processor and an acceptable keyboard? Type up a short story and craft some real evocative imagery because of it.

Photo by Emma Dau on Unsplash

Perhaps you’ll choose to make a creative piece from a journal entry you’ve written this year, or simply describe a character learning the life lessons you’ve picked up this year. The written word has a great, almost unbound effect where we can explore the topics we love, and have fun doing so.

Upload A Festive Cooking Video

It might be that sharing your own creativity with others can help them become inspired, too! Uploading a festive cooking video can be a fantastic place to start. If your phone has a good camera, that’s all you need. Record a few clips then put them together with free software, perhaps narrating the video using your laptop or phone microphone. Showcase your recipe to potentially thousands of people online, or at least those you’re friends with on social media. You never know whose dinner table you could enrich with such an effort this year.

With this advice, we hope you can enjoy some end of year creative projects and focus on what really matters once more.

Header Photo by Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash