Now has never been a better time to grow easy crops at your own home. Whether you have a small balcony or a large garden, these 3 easy crops will provide you with taste sensations for your cooking… easily.

About 4.7 million green thumbs prefer to plant their own foods for consumption. Is this truly worth your while? Of course! Homegrown easy crops like vegetables and fruits contain more nutrients than store-bought ones. Furthermore, you can control how many chemicals you need for your home-grown produce, thereby protecting the environment from harmful toxins.

Have you always dreamed of having a little crop garden in your home but have not been able to do so? Well, now is your chance to fulfill that dream. Here are a few easy crops that you can grow at home to help you get started, especially if you are new to gardening.

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes get their name because they closely resemble cherries both in size and in colour. Because these easy crops are quite pricey in Australia, growing them will help you save money. To save the seeds, you must scoop them out and allow them to ferment for a day. Your soil must also be compost-rich and limed (rich in calcium and magnesium). Ensure that you sow one section per every 10cm. Cherry tomatoes need about six hours of sunshine daily and must be watered regularly in the mornings. They grow differently in the various regions, so check for the best time to plant your tomatoes. 


Shallots are small bulbs that look like small onions; they can be used in place of onions when cooking and are rich in essential nutrients. For better harvest results, it would be best to plant shallots right at the start of winter. These vegetables grow best in well-drained and compost-rich soils. They need direct sunlight and are frost tolerant. To plant, sow the bulbs and set them at least 15cm apart. You can harvest shallots 12-15 weeks after planting. 


The best time to plant garlic is in March or April. If you reside in the much colder part of Australia, then you can plant garlic in the springtime. Garlic plants require a lot of sunshine so look for a bed that is directly exposed to the sun. Your soil must also be well-drained before planting. To plant, you have to separate the cloves and start sowing the biggest ones into the soil, keeping them 15cm apart. You can apply a slow-release fertiliser three months after planting. Please make sure you only water these easy crops after they have germinated. They take time, so expect to harvest them in seven to eight months. A bonus is that the garlic crop has anti-pest properties. Due to its pungent smell, it keeps airborne insects like flies and other soil pests away.

Before you bring out your green thumb, ensure that you have the necessary equipment and tools needed to get you started. Also, conduct thorough research on the easy crops you want to plant and its requirements. If you are in doubt of what to buy, how to buy it and where to buy, a simple ‘garden supplies near me’ search engine request will provide you with the right information. Happy gardening!