Wearing rings is getting trickier. Cool girls on Instagram and in ad campaigns wear perfectly styled rings. So have you ever wondered how you can create a look like that yourself?

This guide will help you. Read on for lots of expert tips to help you wear your rings like a pro:

Stack Rings On The Same Finger

You can start by stacking rings on the same finger to create a cool look. This usually works with smaller rings. Statement rings can be very difficult to stack and pair with other rings. Experiment with some wearing rings that are thinner and make them work by stacking them. Usually, the bands will need to sit flush, but they don’t have to be perfect. Just beware of scratches.

wearing rings

Wear Rings At Different Levels

Wearing rings at different levels on your fingers is a cool look. This means wearing both regular rings and midi rings to add dimension. Midi rings look really cool and, providing you get the right size, they won’t fall off. They might feel a little weird to wear at first, but you’ll love the look of them!

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Wear One Statement Piece

Consider wearing one statement piece to complete your look. Then choose the rest of your jewellery based around the statement piece. This could even be your engagement ring, like some of these antique engagement rings. You can still wear lots of other rings with a statement piece, they should just enhance it rather than draw attention from it.

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Get Repetitive

Don’t be afraid to get a little repetitive when wearing rings. If you have found a great costume jewellery ring, wear a couple of the same ring. Your midi rings and stacking rings can all be the same too. They still add texture and interest to your look.

Create A Mash Up Of Stones And Colours

If you like colour, then you could even create a mash up of stones and colours when wearing rings. Some say you should only go for one statement piece, but there’s no law to say you can’t wear multiple stand-out rings. Have a look at Pinterest to see how this sort of thing is done.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Mixing Metal

Mixing metal is really easy to do when it comes to your rings. Some like to keep a metal to one finger, so they don’t have mixed metals on the same finger. However, you can do it in a way that works well for you. Try out a few different looks and see what you like best.

Cool chicks seem to be born with a natural ability to mix up their jewellery and look flawless. However, you can simply practice and get the same effect. Don’t be put off if you’re clueless at the moment. After a few tries you’ll get a taste for what you think looks good. Take pictures of your best combinations so you can recreate them too! Leave your own thoughts below. Bye for now!

All images supplied by Samantha Wills Jewellery. Listen to my podcast interview with Samantha Wills on our sister site, The Style Podcast, and see more of her fabulous jewellery here.

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