I laugh in the face of cold weather; it won’t stop me keeping up appearances…and a tan. Luckily it’s real easy with St Tropez. I first used St Tropez last year, having tried numerous self-tanning products relatively unsuccessfully. And now, St Tropez has teamed up with ‘We Are Handsome’ Activewear for a new campaign.

There were three key benefits I liked about St Tropez;

  • ease of use, especially with a mitt
  • practically no smell
  • didn’t come off on my white sheets EVER!

So I thought I’d share with you some top tips for a top tan plus yummy images from St Tropez’ latest campaign, Fitness Meets Fashion; St Tropez and ‘We Are Handsome’ Activewear.

We Are HandsomeWe Are Handsome

Under lights at the White City Tennis Courts and featuring Insta_fit models and athletes, St Tropez celebrated women who are strong, driven and motivated to live a fresh, inspiring and powerful life…glowing with St Tropez, of course.

Get an active glow following a three-step routine devised by St Tropez.

Step One. Exfoliation:

Use St.Tropez Prep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Body Polish ($19.95) and hydrate with St.Tropez Prep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser ($19.95) to plump and even the skin tone for tanning.

Step Two. Buff:

Buff St.Tropez Instant Tan Lotion Medium/Dark ($19.95) into the skin using the St.Tropez Tan Applicator Mitt ($19.95) to create a deep, even, warm tan. TANNING TIP: ‘Buffing’ blurs the line between skin and tan – the tan won’t sit ‘on-top’ of the skin, but instead, appear to be one with the skin.

Step Three. Sweep:

Sweep St.Tropez Gold Illuminator ($29.95) down limbs and across the collarbone to highlight and elongate the limbs and give an extra golden glow. Get the same to look to lasts longer than one day with the ST.TROPEZ LUXE DRY OIL RRP $49.95


Even if you aren’t as fit as the Insta-Fit girls (and let’s face it, who is?), you can at least glow like they do.

For more info on St Tropez products and where to buy nationally, see their website www.sttropeztan.com.au

Are you a self-tan fan? Do you ever NOT self-tan? Do you have any other tips for our readers that work for you?

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We Are Handsome

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