Home lovers rejoice – if you are a home owner, renter, renovator, redecorator, or flipper you’ll find lots to love here on Don’t Call Me Penny.

Because we work exclusively with architectural, building, interiors, and outdoor living brands, we’ll help you to love styling your home… your way. Through the other area of our business, we have access to the latest ideas and inspiration, plus hard to find furniture, art, textiles, homewares, garden decor, and so much more.

We’ll help you maximise the space and style of your home, find new objects to love, and work with your favourite furniture and objects. You’ll be amazed at what can be done with an understanding of furniture positioning, the flow of the house, and creating spaces you’ll love to live in.

However you live your life, we can help you de-clutter, redecorate, and style

Our small team is experienced in home styling, de-cluttering, and helping you redecorate and style your home. We love all things related to styling your home… your way.

We now offer home styling, de-cluttering, and redecorating services.

  • Decluttering
  • Storage Solutions
  • Indoor and Outdoor Styling
  • Positioning furniture for flow and lifestyle
  • Working with your current furniture and the things you love
  • Recommending new furniture and accessories to create the home in which you love to live
  • Creating liveable style with colour, furniture, textiles, lighting, surfaces, storage, and displays
  • We provide flexible, cost-effective, and tailored solutions for home styling, decluttering, and organising your home.


For more information and a personal chat, please contact us today. There is absolutely no obligation,


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