In whose unholy universe is an Australian size 12 a ‘fuller-figure’ especially if you are over 5′ 8″ tall? People, Robyn Lawley is NOT a plus-size model! And here’s why.

Famous Australian supermodel Robyn Lawley is undoubtedly GORGEOUS and variously described as a size 10 or size 12…and she’s tall! Over 6′ tall. AND she has gained global fame as a plus-size model. Will you gimme a break already!! Plus-size? Seriously?? (Ralph Lauren didn’t have a problem as the pictures above attest)

Robyn Lawley

It’s not that Robyn Lawley is a plus-size; in fact, the average Australian woman is a size 16+. It’s that lesser sized models (starting at a size 0…what is that, an embryo?)… are small size. In fact, taking that size philosophy to its end, lesser sized models should be called Less-Size models or perhaps Minus-Size models. Makes sense doesn’t it? Plus-Size? Minus-Size?

More annoying than the sound of fingernails being scraped down a blackboard, is this insane notion that size 10+ is plus-size. If we are to compare ourselves to the average Victoria’s Secret model or any model walking for the major fashion shows and fashion designers, then Robyn Lawley is fabulously curvy, at BEST. So I’ll say it again – Robyn Lawley is NOT a plus-size model!

Robyn Lawley

But most of the lesser-size models working today look like they need a bloody good feed! And many of them have famously admitted to near starving themselves, especially before a fashion shoot or show. Yeah, that’s healthy!

So what has precipitated my rant? Robyn Lawley is the first plus-size model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – aka the Bikini Bible. Following in the footsteps of such model-luminaries as Elle MacPherson, Christie Brinkley, Rebecca Romijn, Bar Rafaeli, Kate Upton and many more.

If Sports Illustrated put Robyn Lawley on their cover and left it at that, I would commend them for their (always) good taste and appreciation of the feminine form. But no. It’s now viral that Sports Illustrated is putting a PLUS-SIZE model on their cover.

Robyn Lawley

How many ways to Sunday do I have to say SHE’S NOT PLUS SIZE!!!! She normal! She’s healthy! She’s a great role model! She’s living the dream! She encourages other women to be comfortable in their own curvy skin! But plus-size, she ain’t.

Now, I will qualify that by saying that in ‘model language’ she may well be considered ‘plus-size’ compared to the tiny girls who are a tiny proportion of the population who are ‘models’. And isn’t that in itself just sickening?? Robyn Lawley has the label of plus-size stapled to her portfolio, yet she’s a smaller size than the average Australian woman. And bigger and healthier looking than most top name models (who are often bullied by tabloids for being too skinny and bullied by modelling agents for being too fat). Yeah, makes sense to me…NOT!

And don’t even get me started on a certain German designer who said…and I’m paraphrasing…that he  wouldn’t design clothes for women larger than a European size 8 because any woman bigger than that would make his clothes look bad! And I think he might have said something about them being lazy, but that’s a whole other rant.

Many of you will know, I was Managing Editor of Stylehunter. I flatly refused to have a plus-size section in the magazine. I had a Curvalicious section which embraced fashion for women with curves. I am also picky about having pictures of models who I deem to look too unhealthy or thin on my website.

And just for the record, I’m an Australian size 14-16 and I’m 5′ 11″ tall. Curvy And Proud, Say It Loud!

Robyn Lawley is NOT a plus-size model, right? What do you think? Am I right? Am I totally wrong? What’s your view on plus-size? I’d love to know your views so please do leave a comment here.

Robyn Lawley

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