Moving house can be one of the top three most stressful events in our lives. But it doesn’t have to ruin the excitement of moving to a sparkling new home.

It’s hard enough dealing with all the big decisions and stress factors that come with buying a new home. Now that you’ve actually decided to move, you’re going to have to deal with the even more stressful process of actually moving house! There isn’t much you can do to make moving a total breeze. However, you can relieve some of the stress by saving money with these three tips.

Make Moving Day a Weekday

When a lot of people are choosing a date for moving house, they automatically choose the weekend. This may have been your original plan as well, but if it’s possible I recommend making the big day happen during the week. All removal companies will charge more for their services on a weekend than during a weekday. The same thing goes for hiring your own moving vehicle. Aside from that, traffic will be heavier on the weekend, which will pile on even more stress. If you have a choice, stick to weekdays, and you’ll be able to knock a fair amount off of the overall cost of moving house.

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Weigh Up your Removal Options

Choosing how you’re going to move all your belongings from point A to point B can be a tough one. It’s usually a matter of comparing savings against stress factors. Most people will jump straight to the most conventional option; hiring a removal company and letting their staff do the bulk of the work. If you’re looking for a quick move with minimal stress, then this is certainly the way to go. However, when it comes to savings, you’ll usually be better off hiring a truck and asking your family and friends to be the removal men.

Obviously, you’re going to want moving house cost as little as possible. However, it’s exceedingly important that you take your time to consider all the implications of the DIY approach. How much stuff do you need to actually move? How much of a time window have you got to work with? Is there anything valuable that simply can’t be dropped? If you go with the vehicle hire option, and things go even slightly wrong, you might end up regretting your choice very quickly!

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Purge and Sell

Like pretty much everyone in a developed, western country, I’m sure you have a few things in your home which you really don’t need anymore. Set some time aside to go through everything in your house and have a thorough de-clutter. The more you have to move, the more the whole process is going to cost you, both in terms of your removal solution and any self-storage you may need.

Throw out anything that doesn’t have any value, or donate it to a charity if appropriate. With anything else you don’t intend bringing to your new home, sell it on local classifieds like Gumtree. I know it’s more work, but a thorough purge will save you money and make moving house go much more smoothly.

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