Home Styling and De-Cluttering will help you live a more restful, productive, and enjoyable life. How can that be?



It’s been proven that living in ‘clutter’ has an adverse affect on our everyday lives. This doesn’t mean living in a ‘minimalist’ home, it means living in a more ‘organised’ home.


Are your benchtops, cupboards, and floors are clogged with ‘stuff’? Can you never easily find anything you need to use? Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of tidying up? Is lack of storage upsetting you? Do you constantly complain that you need a bigger house?


You are not alone. Our busy lifestyles, parental responsibilities, and the desire to live with things we can’t throw out all contribute to the cluttering of our homes. These aspects contribute to feelings of being overwhelmed in the home, feelings of frustration, and feelings of never achieving a truly enjoyable space in which to live.


Contact us now and re-claim your life. We’ll de-clutter and organise your home so you can love where you live.


Home Styling


Does your home feel disjointed and you’re not sure why? Do you walk into a room and wish it was… different? Are you a little confused about how to display the items you love? Is your furniture positioning inhibiting your enjoyment of a room? Do you want a fresh new look for your home without spending a fortune?


Home styling is about working with what you already own and offering advice about what to keep, what to sell or donate, and what to buy. Home styling will help you create rooms you WANT to be in. We’ll help you with colours, textures, furniture positioning, traffic flow, light, wall displays, and more.


If you want to up-date, refresh, or completely change the interior and outdoor living areas of your home, please contact us for expert help.

Polishing The Past with Tara Dennis

Tara Dennis is one of Australia’s most familiar television faces having featured on shows including Our House, Changing Rooms, Burke’s Backyard, DIY Rescue and Renovation Rescue. If you saw my article on the Feast Watson Re-Love Project, where eight high-profile designers up-cycle discarded furniture for charity, you will have seen the ‘before and after’ project by Tara Dennis. Well, Tara’s back. Here she talks to Don’t Call Me Penny about the challenge she faced when updating door hardware for her own home. The outcome sparkled!

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Cleaning with Bi-Carb : In The Kitchen

Cleaning with bi-carb (bi-carbonate of soda) is virtually the cheapest, most reliable and effective method of cleaning many surfaces and fabrics in your home. It’s an effective cleaning solution for every room in your home plus equipment, drains, silverware, windows and more. So this Cleaning with Bi-Carb series will bring you tips co-ordinated by room and cross-linked with other cleaning with bi-carb tips as new articles are posted. This article focuses on cleaning with bi-carb in the kitchen.

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Clever Bedroom Storage for Kids

Bedroom storage for kids may be the single most important component of a family home. If your house is anything like mine, there is never enough storage. And then when you want your kids to clean up after themselves too…well, good luck with that! Kids can be taught to clean up and put toys back after use, it just takes some patience…and some really clever bedroom storage for kids that you’ll love to have and they’ll love to use.

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Could Clutter Be Making You Fat?

Seriously, could clutter be making you fat? This is not such a silly suggestion when you consider some of the elements that link clutter with over-eating. How can that be? I’ll explain. When I interviewed Oprah’s De-clutter Guru, Peter Walsh, we discussed one of his books – Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big? I thought it was a strange concept but it makes absolute sense when you think about it. In a disorganised home when your pantry is cluttered, your fridge is disorganised, your cupboards are a basket case, and you’re a busy mum with ravenous kids sitting down each week to plan a menu isn’t a priority.

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Your Hips Don’t Lie, But Does Your House?

Your house is supposed to reflect your personality and fit in with your lifestyle.You’re house proud and love to style it with new ideas, and you don’t follow every trend (let’s hope you don’t), right? Yet there’s always the cleaning and decluttering to be done. Shakira got it right when she said ‘hips don’t lie’ but maybe your house is telling lies about you. No matter how much daily housework you do, there are certain things around your house that can be letting you down. It’s like a constant nagging “but I just cleaned it yesterday’ mantra.

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Sale Ready Home : Top Tips for Looking Grand

A sale ready home doesn’t just mean tidying up and slapping on some fresh paint. When you think about selling your home, you start thinking about gaining the best possible sale price. Most home buyers are looking to upgrade so you may need to make your home look as large and as spacious as possible. How can you do this?

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Forgotten Something? Three Rooms That Need An Upgrade

Have you forgotten something? When it comes to home renovations there are the usual suspects; the rooms we plan to upgrade first. But there are three you may easily forget. For starters, the kitchen is the hub of the home. We all want a kitchen that’s brand new and clean in order to motivate us to cook (well, me anyway). Next, we LOVE to upgrade our living rooms. There is so much beautiful furniture and many unique accessories to add to a living room. It’s where we entertain friends, enjoy board games, listen to music, and gather to watch the latest unmissable ‘Game of Thrones’ episode.

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However you live your life, we can help you de-clutter, redecorate, and style


Our small team is experienced in home styling, de-cluttering, and helping you redecorate and style your home. We love all things related to styling your home… your way.

We now offer home styling, de-cluttering, and redecorating services.

  • Decluttering
  • Storage Solutions
  • Indoor and Outdoor Styling
  • Positioning furniture for flow and lifestyle
  • Working with your current furniture and the things you love
  • Recommending new furniture and accessories to create the home in which you love to live
  • Creating liveable style with colour, furniture, textiles, lighting, surfaces, storage, and displays
  • We provide flexible, cost-effective, and tailored solutions for home styling, decluttering, and organising your home.


For more information and a personal chat, please contact us today. There is absolutely no obligation,


We'd Love To Help You De-Clutter and Style Your Home

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