Eclectic. Quirky. Creative. Whatever you call it, fun decor ideas are not only for the adventurous (although they usually are) but for people who want their personality to be reflected in their home.

I got a bit of a surprise the other day when a visitor to our home said “Oh you obviously like quirky decor”. Well…yes…eclectic would definitely describe our home. When two people merge their lives, personalities and travels then decor isn’t going to have a single dimension. My partner and I enjoy artistic expression. I have a collection of original art in various forms from oil on canvas to metal sculpture. The replica Ned Kelly armour, complete with bullet holes and dents, is a conversation piece; the Pro Hart is art that comes apart (yes, he painted it that way); and we have old farm equipment as garden art, including three bird feeders made from plow discs and tractor parts. So I guess you could say we have fun decor ideas.

That got me thinking about inspiration for adding colour, quirk and a touch of weirdness to YOUR home.

Fun decor ideas are all about creating YOUR personality in YOUR living space. Play with colour by mixing warm and cool colours, sch as the pale ice blue with hot pink (above) in the coolscape from Nicole White Designs. Blending warm and cool colours will give balance to a room. For more tips on how to do this see working with a colour wheel here on Don’t Call Me Penny.

Of course you can work with VIBRANT colours that work warm and cool, such as a bright yellow, red and orange cooled down with lashing of cream, as per the room designed below by Anthony Baratta.


In the examples above, the top and bottom images from Inge Clemente Photography depict a cool room with artistic flair that clearly say something about the occupants. But similarly, the middle image from Amelia Hallsworth Photography is more eclectic and Boho, but also illustrates the personality of those who live there. Very different rooms, but still with fun decor ideas. Have you ever thought of putting LEGO up the wall?

It’s not all about ‘weird’ objects but also about displaying collections that are quirky. For example, if you have nine images in exactly the same sized frames, you hang them three across and three down and it looks all very civilized. But what if you have a collection of.. say…metal animals… what do you do with them? THIS of course.

No-one can really tell you what to do in this regard, but you can apply some design rules so your space appears ‘pulled together’. Perhaps you are a collector and want to display your collection in a creative way.

Create quirk with your collections or a theme

Themes an collections can, of course, be on the wall, on the floor, on shelving, on top of cabinets… wherever you can safely display and have the collection work with the dynamic, colours, and vibe in the room. In the case if the wooden artifacts above, the bright yellow helps to ‘pop’ the collection rather than fight against it.

In other examples, such as record covers used to enliven a small space, it’s YOUR personality that’s important. Avoid making places look messy by;

  • having a theme
  • work with colour principles
  • think about balance ie: BIG furniture with tiny ornaments is likely to look unbalanced
  • arrange items so big is at the back and smaller is at the front. Think of an invisible pyramid
  • have fun
  • be true to your personality

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Get your quirk on. If you’re not confident in styling a whole room, try out your skills on a bookshelf or dressing table. Scour vintage shops and garage sales for cool and quirky items to add to your fun decor ideas. HAVE FUN!!

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