Fail-safe fitness is not something that comes in a bottle. You can’t take a pill and suddenly your fitness regime becomes super successful, and easy. It doesn’t work that way… but this will.

Most people decide to undergo a fitness regime by themselves. This can eventually pay off if discipline is developed to exercise regularly. However, most people also fail to keep up regular exercise because they fail to develop discipline, and their motivation wanes. It’s fail-safe fitness with the emphasis on FAIL!

It takes a lot of encouragement and support to keep putting yourself through pain and exhaustion for slow results. The truth is, it takes a long time for people to fall in love with exercise. However, they’re more likely to succeed if they have a good support system in place, and they find ways to make it fun.

Here are just a few ways you can start enjoying your workouts. Embrace fail-safe fitness by including more people in your efforts.


fail-safe fitness

Fail-Safe Fitness: Join A Team

Even if you weren’t exactly fond of team sports when you were in school, as an adult they are an excellent way to meet people, get active, and have personal cheerleaders throughout your workouts.

Search your local area for running clubs, adult sports leagues, or check if your local college is open to accepting non-students for their athletic clubs. Most clubs will accept people of all abilities, so it doesn’t matter if you were a former track star, or you were always picked last for your school team.

The most important thing is that everyone has fun playing together, you make new friends, and you all improve your fitness together. You might not think you’re improving after a few games, but people on the outside will always tell you otherwise.

With each passing week you’re getting faster, stronger, and your endurance is improving.


fail-safe fitness

Fail-Safe Fitness: Get a Personal Trainer

Working out on your own can be risky if you don’t know anything about the human body, or you can’t tell when you should push through the pain, or slow down. In your early days – when you’re trying to get into the swing of things – it might help if you hired a personal trainer to walk you through the ropes.

You don’t just have to go through a gym routine with your trainer showing you the safest way to use the machines either; you can enrol in personal training classes such as boxing, cardio, or even boot camp if you want a really intense workout.

But having someone keeping an eye out for your injuries, and pointing out where you’re improving can be an incredible self-esteem booster. After a month or so, you might feel more confident and motivated to resume working out by yourself, or you might take a friend with you can keep an eye out for their safety.


fail-safe fitness

Fail-Safe Fitness: Raise Money Together

Exercise is always more focused if you and your friends are working towards a target. You can all sign up for a fun activity like a  Colour Run, a sponsored hike, or even a dance marathon. As long as it’s something you’re all enjoy, and you can support each other through difficult training periods, you will all get fit and raise money for a good cause.

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fail-safe fitness