There are so many skincare options available it’s sometimes hard to fight your way through all the promotional spiel and flashy advertising. I am often sent products to try and l like to give them at least a couple of weeks use before I decide whether I like them or not.

I made a pretty quick decision on Elegant Eliza by Glamourflage – I really liked this range from the moment I started using it. Promoted as a ‘repairlift’ range I was keen to try the honey and royal jelly based selection of skincare.


As the Elegant Eliza story goes, she is a woman of taste and refinement over whom Department Store Managers fawn. Given her dedication to quality products and sophistication, sales assistants rush to bring her only the finest of items for her discerning gaze. Elegant Eliza loves to shop and she knows you can’t take beauty with you when you go; but she also thinks quality skincare is a small price to pay for pursuing total elegance.

That’s the story of Elegant Eliza. The packaging suggests a woman used to being pampered and for whom fabulous skin is a must-have. I did like the packaging, but more than that, the retro imagery and faux-crystal features make Elegant Eliza perfect for actually displaying. No being shut away in a bathroom cupboard for THIS range – No, THIS range has packaging that begs to be displayed. (and it looks better ‘in the flesh’ that via photograph)


I tried three products; the Honey Repairwear Lift Lotion, the Honey Repairwear Lift Day Cream and the Honey Repairwear Lift Cleanser Gel. The cleanser did not dry out or irritate my sensitive skin. It easily washed away make-up (although I didn’t try it with mascara) and was creamy and gentle to use.

After washing my face, I applied the Lift Lotion. A little goes a long way as the lotion glides on and then sinks into the skin. Not greasy and with a slight feeling of ‘lift’, not dryness. Next, a very small amount of the Day Cream with a little extra around the eyes. Again, non-greasy and it did sink into my skin with no fuss or residue. I swear that fine lines seem to just disappear…but maybe I just need stronger lighting. In any event, I loved using these products from the first time. I have used them now for three weeks. Although I have never had ‘problem’ skin, I feel as though my skin is smoother, better hydrated and creamier.

None of the products have a strong smell at all. The range includes cleanser, cleansing gel, toner & toner intensive, day cream & day cream intensive, night cream, eye serum, eye cream, mask, and essence. I am DYING to try the whole range.

Elegant Eliza products variously contain agents that repair and renew your skin, plus encourage collage production, increase hyaluaronic acid levels (for plumper, hydrated skin that reduces fine lines), and promote smoother skin. I have no doubt I am reaping the benefits now.

Another BIG surprise were the prices. I expected a range of this quality to be MUCH more expensive. I am DELIGHTED to report that you can buy Elegant Eliza products staring at just $18 and there’s nothing over $36. Amazing!

Elegant Eliza is available nationally at selected stockists. For more information about this and other Glamourflage products to LOVE visit their website and join the GlamourPuss Club.


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