It’s Easter weekend here in Australia so it got me thinking about beautiful, organic egg shapes and how they are used in Easter Inspired Decor. When I started investigating the different ideas I found lots to celebrate. Whether it’s a window, tile, swimming pool or chair you’ll see great ideas for adding egg shapes; and not just for Easter.

Images courtesy of Axis Mundi and ‘Belong’ by Susan Armstrong

One of the most famous egg shapes of modern times is the iconic Arne Jacobsen Chair. No matter what room, what fabric or what colour, the Arne Jacobsen chair is synonymous with effortless cool and ultimate style. It is also often paired with the equally iconic Noguchi coffee table, also famous for it’s organic, egg-like contours.

Arne Jacobsen chair with Noguchi coffee table. Image courtesy of Alter Studio

More Noguchi coffee table decor. Images courtesy of Chimera Interior Design and Atmosphere Design

It’s surprising how many different decor styles love curves. Egg shapes can be matched with other egg-style shapes and also clean, straight lines. It is perfect for modern or retro decor, indoors and outdoors,  floor based or hanging. In fact, hanging chairs lend themselves to this womb-like shape; perfect for curling up. Note below how many curves are matched with straight lines in other furniture and fireplaces.

Images courtesy of Contemporary Kids and Studio 80 Interior Design

Images courtesy of R. Brandt Design and  Rusk Renovation

Images courtesy of James Thomas and Tara Bussema Neat Organisation & Design

Images courtesy of Lisa Petrole Photography and Chloe Warner

Easter Inspired Decor adds an organic elegance with smooth lines and gracious curves; what’s not to like?

Apart from egg shapes in chairs and footstools, this universally pleasing form can be stylishly included in other furniture, such as the egg motif in the sideboard below, feature windows and even bulkheads. The living area bulkheads below are very streamlined and have been used to highlight the chandeliers.

Images courtesy of Betty’s Room Interior Designers and Oak Hill Architects

Images courtesy of Scott Neste and 1K2 Design

Bathrooms benefit from the organic shape replicated in bath tubs, basins and tiles. Akin to hanging chairs, there is something warm and comforting about relaxing in an egg-shaped bath. Similarly, egg-shaped basins have more visual appeal due to their luscious curves.

Images courtesy of Mindi Freng Design and diSalvo Interiors

Images courtesy of Carnemark and Claudia Lujan

Of course, Easter Inspired Decor isn’t just for inside the home; water features, garden ornaments and pools blend beautifully into the landscape. Or can be garden features, such as the amazing ‘bee hives’ featured below.

Images courtesy of AMS Landscape Design and Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Images courtesy of The Collins Group andTouzet Studio

And lets not forget out pets; they love snuggling up in womb-like curvatures too.

Images courtesy of Modern House Notes and Peipod

Can you see how you could add egg contours to your home? Do you have a favourite image from this Easter inspired decor?

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