When you add more natural sunlight to your home your mood immediately lifts. It’s why people in Scandinavian countries, for example, go to cafes with special lights in the winter.

It’s part of their Hygge lifestyle because natural sunlight is something we all crave. And in cold climates when winter days are overcast and dark, people get a bit cranky without natural sunlight. Whilst it is important, the ability to add more natural sunlight is sometimes overlooked when house hunting.

If your house suffers from a lack of natural sunlight you could move or go where the sun goes (which in fact you can do in a transportable home). OR… you can add more natural sunlight with a few key interior decorating tips. The difference these ideas offer is well worth the investment in time, and a little money.

add more natural sunlight

Add More Natural Sunlight by Changing The Room Colours

Natural light bounces off the walls… light coloured walls. So if your room has dark walls you will inhibit the level of light that will be reflected. A room with very large windows through which there is lots of natural sunlight can be darker. However, most living areas will come alive when painted or wallpapered in light tones from which light will bounce.

Don’t think only in terms of whites. Neutrals such as beige, pale blues and greens, soft pinks and yellows, will also reflect natural sunlight. Paint the ceiling white or a lighter shade of your wall colour, add glass pendant fixtures and you’ll have an abundance of beautiful light to enjoy.

Consider adding glass or French doors to help the light travel and you’ll see a huge difference in the room. Add warmth by including wood in the flooring, furniture, or accents and texture in accessories such as sheepskin rugs, wool throws, linen cushions, or velvet drapes.

add more natural sunlight

Add More Natural Sunlight by Allowing More Assess To Windows

By moving large pieces of furniture away from windows and changing heavy window treatments you’ll invite in more natural sunlight. Change your current curtains and blinds if they take up too much window area. For example, heavy drapes that can’t be pulled right back away from the window. If there is enough fabric to ensure the drapes can still fully close, reposition them back towards the side walls so, when open, the drapes don’t restrict the light coming in from the window.  Otherwise, replace them and the curtain rod to suit.

add more natural sunlight

Add More Natural Sunlight by Using Mirrors

If gaining more natural light is a real challenge, use the tips above as much as you can AND add mirrors. This will allow the available light to bounce off and cast more light. you are unable to get any natural light into certain rooms in the house, you need to increase the shine factor.

Placing mirrors opposite each other in a hallway naturally reflects light back into the room, and shiny materials like brass and silver will give the impression of a lighter room. The larger the mirror, the more light will be reflected. And a large mirror doubles up as a centerpiece for big rooms, and there are so many styles to choose from to suit your living space. From antique mirrors, Venetian, or a beveled mirror do the job.

add more natural sunlight

Add More Natural Light by Installing Sun Tunnels or Skylights

Skylights and sun tunnels (or light wells) are perfect for getting more natural sunlight into hard to access areas of a room. Skylights tend to follow the roof line while sun tunnels come from the top of the roof, through the roof cavity and into any room. Sun tunnels can be installed with a rigid duct, which allows the most natural sunlight to enter, or with a flexible duct to fit around fixtures in the roof. Skylights can also be solar powered with wireless remote control, rain sensor, and time functions. For more information contact premier suppliers VELUX.

Add More Natural Light by Installing Solar Power

Installing solar tubes in your ceilings is a great way to bring some natural light down into the rooms that may not have any windows. They are useful because they don’t use electricity, are easy to install, and they bring in natural light! As an environmentally friendly choice and a way to cut back on your household bills, it’s a useful option.

add more natural sunlight