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Who Is Don’t Call Me Penny?

That’s me. Hi, I’m Penelope Herbert – passionate about style, design, dogs, and bubbles (yes, the ‘in a tall champagne flute’ kind). Please call me Penelope… but please don’t call me Penny. Hence the name.


I’m passionate about style and design, particularly how it relates to the lives we lead and the homes we love.


From working in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, and North America, I’ve wrecked havoc in television, print magazines, digital, and radio (plus Government and corporate gigs). Now I follow my passions for architecture, design, interiors, and home as a journalist, newspaper columnist on Home + Interiors, style design writer, blogger, marketer, podcaster and public relations chick.

Here at Don’t Call Me Penny, my small team and I promote luxe and luxe-inspired style, architecture design, building, interior decorating, outdoor living, and garden style.

I follow my passions for architecture, design, interiors, and home as a journalist, newspaper columnist on Home + Interiors, style design writer, blogger, marketer, podcaster and public relations chick.

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Three Easy Ways to Breathe New Life Back Into Your Home

Do you have moments when you want to breathe new life into your home? Like, take a big fan and just blow away all the cobwebs? You’re not alone. If you’ve been living in your house for a long enough time, it can often feel like you’re not getting the full magical experience that you first got when you moved in. So these three easy tips will think you’ve moved to a new house.

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Sofitel Tamuda Bay Resort : Moroccan Architecture Reinterpreted

The Sofitel Tamuda Bay has recently undergone a transformation with GM Architects reinterpreting Moroccan architecture for this resort project. French-Lebanese Architect, Galal Mahmoud, drew inspiration from the Mycenaean and Cycladic culture to create a timeless elegance, escapism, and connection to the beautifully natural surroundings.

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Decorating Trends to Look For in 2017

Decorating trends don’t have to be slavishly followed. They are simply design and style directions you can embrace a little… or a lot. Does your home feel like it could use a fresh touch? Or are you in the process of moving and urgently in need of some additional decorative inspiration? Well, fear no more, as professional designers and interior decorators have joined forces to create some new, refreshing decorating trends that we’re so eagerly looking forward to in 2017.

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Baby, Baby, That’s A Beautiful Nursery

In our modern age there’s no need to know the gender of your new baby. Create a beautiful nursery based on style and design, not pink or blue. Start the style and design journey for your children early on, start with a beautiful nursery. Whilst a nursery must be a place of calm, and often a place for hygiene and play, the decor doesn’t need to reflect gender.

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Turning a Spare Room Into a Library

Do you love to read? Having bookshelves is one thing, but imagine having a Library? Sounds grand, doesn’t it? Well, it could be within your grasp, and more easily than you might imagine. Book nooks can be intimate but not necessarily private. However a peaceful room totally dedicated to the fine art of reading… now THAT’S a dream room for those of us who love to collect books. So have you ever thought about turning a spare room into a library?

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Transforming Your Wasted Outdoor Space

We all have them, that one area that’s wasted outdoor space. Regardless of how big or small the outdoor area, there’s usually a way to maximize the space and make it more useful; if not prettier. I have two areas in my one-acre garden that are begging for redevelopment. I have built-in seating and a fire pit in mind for one area and a Balinese-style deck and spa design for the other. This got me thinking about different ways homeowners can maximize wasted outdoor space and create something useful, and pretty.

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Opposites Attract : Easy Interior Design Ideas

In decor, as in life and nature, opposites attract; with surprising and beautiful results. Instead of painstakingly trying to create the perfect room following professional interior design elements, try creating a perfectly IMPERFECT room. How?

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Work That Quirk! Fun Decor Ideas

Eclectic. Quirky. Creative. Whatever you call it, fun decor ideas are not only for the adventurous (although they usually are) but for people who want their personality to be reflected in their home. I got a bit of a surprise the other day when a visitor to our home said “Oh you obviously like quirky decor”. Well…yes…eclectic would definitely describe our home. When two people merge their lives, personalities and travels then decor isn’t going to have a single dimension. To READ MORE click the title.

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Gaudi Submarine Bathroom : A Mosaic Vision

I came across the Gaudi Submarine Bathroom…and my dreams were shattered. Why? Because I had been thinking about dabbling in some mosaic work. I found an old telephone table at a garage sale and I thought I’d smash up old colourful plates and have a play. THEN I saw THIS! Someone is VERY good at mosaic tiling and they are definitely not playing around.

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Caesarstone Concetto : 150 Million Yr Old Surface

Caesarstone like you’ve never seen it before. Can you believe what you are looking at? I couldn’t. When I first saw this stunning new interior surface I could only think of how utterly beautiful it was. I didn’t know at that point that it had been 150 million years in the making.

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Ethical Living : Green Is The New Black

Ethical living isn’t only about food and fair trade homewares. If green is the new black, is it possible to have a stylish home and be ethical? Yes! Of course it is. Architects have mastered some of the most beautiful homes in the world using ethically sourced products and sustainable materials. From simple touches such as a living roof to solar heating and upcycling. It is now easier than ever to create a stylish ‘green’ home and enjoy ethical living.

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Why You Need To Plant More Trees

The environment needs you to plant more trees. Why? Because the environment YOU breathe and live in will be a much better place with more trees on the planet.

Eamon Fennelly is an expert with Capital Garden Services so I asked him to explain, in simple terms, the power of trees and how their life source gives us ours.

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Perfect Pantry Expert Storage Tips

A perfect pantry may seem like a dream to you; but not anymore. Whilst traditional options are often the best, storage must work in order to be effective. These expert storage tips for the perfect pantry will help you to organise shelves and pantries like a pro.

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Design Build. Five Must-Have Features You’ll Love

Just the words ‘Design Build’ conjure up images of your dream home. So, if you’re lucky enough to design and build your own home, you want to make sure that it’s perfect in every way.

If you’ve spent time researching building a property from scratch, you will have different ideas about what you’d like to include in construction. Many of these things may be luxuries, such as a walk-in steam shower, but what about the features that will make daily life easier – have you thought much about them?

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Three Simple Garden Makeover Ideas for a Scintillating Summer

Simple garden makeover ideas can easily transform your outdoor space no matter how small it might be. From balcony to courtyard, and beyond, you’ll reclaim those long warm summer evenings for outdoor relaxation and entertainment.

Is your backyard ready for the change of the seasons? When winter comes around, we neglect our gardens completely. You might not know that, in the winter, grass actually stops growing so there’s no need to cut it. We don’t look after the plant life either because we’ll probably catch a seasonal chill. There’s also going to be very little chance to go out in the garden, so there’s no point in keeping it looking stylish. But all that changes once the first signs of spring start to show. It’s never too early to think about how you’re going to make your garden sensational for summer.

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Yana Molodykh Designed Art Deco Apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine. Small + Stunning.

Yana Molodykh channeled ‘Sex and The City’ for a tiny 85 m2 apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, which is now a glorious Art Deco-inspired space for a young couple. Fountain Boulevard is a modern and private residence for a cosmopolitan couple. Having lived in the big cities of New York and Moscow, the young owners wished to buy their first home together in their home town.

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Memoir Essence Furniture for Charming Interiors

Memoir Essense Furniture is the creation of Mafalda Soares, an accomplished Interior Designer based in Portugal. Her pieces are unique, glamorous, and elegant. Memoir Essence Furniture’s new collection for charming interiors was displayed first at Maison et Objet Paris 2016 to great acclaim. The buzz generated by just four pieces has thrust Mafalda Soares into the spotlight. Her travels and experiences are reflected in her work which features noble materials including gold leaf, marble, and different woods.

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Budget Kitchen Decor Tips to Save You Money in 2017

Budget kitchen decor tips are just what you need if you want to add value to your home, without spending a bomb.

If you are selling your home, you probably know that kitchens sell homes. If you’re staying in your current home, there’s nothing better than starting the New Year with a refreshed kitchen. However you plan on changing your kitchen this year, you are probably already starting to worry about the costs involved, even if you haven’t finalised your plans just yet! Thankfully, there are design-worthy budget kitchen decor ideas that will have you loving where you live.

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Make 2017 The Year Of Saving Energy with These Simple Home Hacks

Saving energy in your home may be more simple than you think. Make 2017 the year YOU save energy, and money, with these simple home hacks.

As a homeowner, you are probably well aware of the environmental and economic struggles your property can bring. If you are environmentally conscious, you may be concerned about the amount of power and heat your home uses, and the effect this can have on our natural world. From a more economical perspective, you may simply be sick of paying a huge energy bill every month; one that leaves you with very little cash to spare. Both of these situations are less than ideal, which is why a lot of people tend to resort to various measures to make their homes more environmentally friendly and cheaper.

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How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

It’s that time of the year and Christmas is getting near. Some of you may have started decorating your homes early, but there are still some people who didn’t have the time. If you still haven’t put up your festive decorations, don’t panic, because you can do it fast. You just need to know a few tricks in order to decorate your home quickly and with taste.

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How to Create a Lighting Plan for Your Home

Have you ever considered a lighting plan or how light affects the enjoyment of your home? Although a lighting plan may not seem like a priority when you are renovating or building a new home; it adds ambience, workable spaces, and a focus on accents. Moreover, a lighting plan is not simply about the natural light and the positioning of a house in relation to the sun. If you’re looking for advice, here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Moving House? Try These Three Money Saving Tips

Moving house can be one of the top three most stressful events in our lives. But it doesn’t have to ruin the excitement of moving to a sparkling new home. It’s hard enough dealing with all the big decisions and stress factors that come with buying a new home. Now that you’ve actually decided to move, you’re going to have to deal with the even more stressful process of actually moving house! There isn’t much you can do to make moving a total breeze. However, you can relieve some of the stress by saving money with these three tips.

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Smart Home : Smart Move. Your Questions Answered

A smart home is a smart move as our everyday lives are impacted by a higher degree of technology than ever before. So, you’ve heard a lot about smart homes, how beneficial they can be, and now want to create one of your own? If you’ve spent some time researching a smart home, then you’ll probably have a good idea of the benefits, and how a smart home could make your day-to-day life easier.

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Four Tiny Home Storage Solutions You Need To Try

Tiny home storage ideas may be just what you need, even if you don’t live in a tiny house. However, if you do live in a small home or apartment, it can be tricky to get storage just right. There is a fine line between having the things around you that you love (and need), and having a home that looks like a cluttered mess. Less is certainly more when it comes to tiny home storage solution tips There are lots of clever ways to improve the look of your home and improve how things are stored. Here are a few ideas that you could try.

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Best Indestructible House Plants

Indestructible house plants are what I need as I wasn’t blessed with a green thumb. I have other talents… thankfully. Unfortunately, for me, my sister inherited the ‘grow anything anywhere’ genes. So if you’re like me, you’ll love growing house plants that are indestructible. I referenced Jodi Rigby’s book 150 Indestructible Plants to bring you some ideas for indoor and balcony plants you have to try REALLY hard to kill. To READ MORE please click the title.

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Garden Security : Tips for Burglar Protection

Garden security is not something most of us think about when it comes to protection for our home and contents. When it comes to home security, we usually think about the inside of our homes. While you do need to make sure that the inside of your home is protected, don’t forget about your garden security!

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Home Renovation Rescue Tips To Get You Through

Is home renovation on your mind? Finding your dream home sometimes seems like an impossible task.
If you have exact ideas about what you’re after, you may end up buying a property with potential and embarking on a renovation project instead. Here are a couple of tips to get you through. To READ MORE please click the title.

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No Bathroom Windows? No Problem, with This Great Solution

Bathroom windows offer ventilation and light. However, when your bathroom has small or non-existent windows, it can offer a difficult design conundrum. Interior Designer Shaynna Blaze transforms Victorian homes on ‘Deadline Design’ which airs on Wednesday at 9.30pm on Foxtel’s Lifestyle until Dec 21st 2016. Shaynna provided a great design solution for a small bathroom with limited natural light. READ MORE by clicking the title.

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Simple Lighting Solutions for Your Home

Lighting solutions can be one of the hardest elements to get right in a home. You need the right advice for YOUR home. At this time of year, you may be thinking about your Christmas styling. However, getting the perfect amount of light in your home can be hard at anytime of the year. There are lighting tips everywhere, but to get the best lighting solutions you need to look at YOUR home and it’s layout, function, and needs not generic advice.

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