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Don’t Call Me Penny is a premier Australian website for all things related to Architecture, Building, Interior Design, and Outdoor Living. Hi, I’m Penelope Herbert – interior decorator and journalist. I’m fanatically passionate about unique style, interior design, dogs, and bubbles (yes, the ‘in a tall champagne flute’ kind). Please call me Penelope… but please don’t call me Penny; hence the name.

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don't call me penny
don't call me penny
don't call me penny

At Don’t Call Me Penny you’ll find tips, trends, expert advice, DIY, inspiration, exclusive features, and the best luxe and luxe-inspired architecture, design, interiors, homewares, outdoor living, garden style and more from Australia, Europe, USA, and unique artisans. We’ll give you tools, free advice, and inspiration on styling your home… your way.

don't call me penny
don't call me penny
don't call me penny

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Whether you are a homeowner or renter, if you want to love where you live Don’t Call Me Penny will show you how.

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The Art of Dressing Well for Any Occasion

Dressing well is, for the most part, subjective. For some it’s a ball gown and tiara. Others are comfortable in dress jeans and hot shoes. However dressing well isn’t simply limited to WHAT we wear. It’s also WHERE we wear it. Most of us struggle...

Cherie Barber’s Simple Bathroom Kitchen Transformations

Bathroom and kitchen transformations can add significant value to your home if you plan to sell. They can also remove the need to move house if your bathroom kitchen transformations are undertaken expertly. Renovating for Profit’s Cherie Barber is very...

Crafting The Beach Body You’ve Always Wanted

Beach body baby, the sun’s on the way and it wants you to come out and play. Every summer most people re-assess their approach to their fitness and healthy eating regimen. You might have fallen off your steadfast commitment to your new year’s resolution to...

Beat Winter Blues With These Home Improvements

Beat winter blues with four surprisingly easy home improvement ideas that will keep you snug as a bug in a rug. Everyone tries their hardest to prepare their home for upcoming seasons. To beat winter blues, most people will have heating units and radiators cleaned and...

DIY Home Renovation Projects. 3 Expert Tips

DIY Home Renovation Projects Sometimes there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that you put your blood sweat and tears into a project. That’s definitely the case with DIY home renovation projects. That’s why today, Don’t Call Me Penny is teaming up with Australian...

Living Room Lighting With Three Illuminating Tips

Living room lighting is such an important part of your lighting plan because you have the potential to incorporate fabulously diverse elements. The living room is probably the most used room in the house. It’s the place where people come in at the end of a long day...

Garden Design for Family, Friends, and Pets

Your garden design can be as minimalist or fantastical as you like because enjoying outdoor living is a constitutional right. Right? If you own a home, you’ve probably already invested thousands of dollars in creating the perfect home environment for the whole family....

Add A High-End Luxury Edge To Your Bathroom

High-end luxury can be added to any room in your home if you know what constitutes a luxe vibe. It all comes down to fake ’til you make it. For example, the bathroom is one of the most utilized rooms in the house; however, it can often be a very basic...

Different Hot Water Systems and Their Benefits

Hot water systems use an energy source to heat the water somewhere above the initial temperature. It’s a thermodynamic process with every household needing some type of system to heat water. But which one? Domestic uses of water heating include for cooking,...

Simple Winter Warming Ways for Everyone

Winter warming ways will help you save money on electricity bills and enjoy the colder weather without freezing… or wearing fifty layers of clothing. It’s that time of the year again for many Australians. The sun has left us, the cold has come out to play, and...

How To Choose The Right Blinds For Your Home

Choosing the right blinds for your home may not seem high on the list of decor priorities. But the choices you make and why will make the biggest difference of all. When you choose the right blinds you are making a big difference to the feel and comfort of your home....

How To Use Interior Design Advice In Your Home

Interior design advice can be useful when you move into a new home because you are likely to have myriad thoughts going around in your head. When you move into a new space it generally takes a while to get used to a new layout. Interior design advice will help you to...

Call An Expert: Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

‘Call an Expert’ should be the catchcry of DDIY – Don’t Do It Yourself. Because there are four important jobs that the unqualified mustn’t attempt. It’s good to know how to do things around the house, especially if you’re a homeowner. The...

Common Apartment Living Style + Design Problems Solved

Apartment living can be a tremendous experience. You could be part of a huge community of residents, some of whom you will be friends with for life. There are a multitude of features for modern apartment living these days, too. Not only are they ultra secure, but they...

Opposites Attract : Easy Interior Design Ideas

In decor, as in life and nature, opposites attract; with surprising and beautiful results. Instead of painstakingly trying to create the perfect room following professional interior design elements, try creating a perfectly IMPERFECT room. How? Take a single element...

5 Real Estate Tips for Purchasing The Right House

Real estate tips are usually given by agents when you decide to buy a home. However, you probably need to understand the top 5 real estate tips BEFORE you engage an agent. First time homeowners may struggle with the realities of real estate which can be comprehensive....

Luxurious Flannelette Sheets Are Like Sleeping In Velvet

Flannelette sheets and I have never had a good relationship. They are scratchy, thin, and totally uncool… until now. Since moving to the Hills, I have bought an electric blanket and stocked up on mohair and faux-fur throws. NO flannelette sheets! It gets...

Help Your Garden Look Amazing With These Easy Tips

Help your garden look amazing with these easy tips so you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your work without slaving away in the dirt every weekend. It’s relaxing to sit with a glass of wine and enjoy a beautiful garden, but most of us are just way too busy...

How To Create A Safe Garden for Children and Pets

A safe garden is an imperative especially when your home has children and pets. Your garden becomes the hub of social activity in summer time with BBQs, paddling pools, and water gun battles. Longer days mean more time for play. Having a safe garden for children and...

How To Find An Emergency Plumbing Service

How many of you have an emergency plumbing service on your speed dial? Maybe you don’t think you need one. Ideally, homeowners should have the contact details of an emergency plumber on their fridge. However, in the real world, especially when renovating,...

Cool Interiors That Ignore The Weather

Cool interiors work regardless of what the weather is doing outside.Whether it’s the scorching heat of summer months or the frosty chills of winter; retaining chic and cool interiors will ensure you’re living in a calm and serene environment that enhances inner peace....

Home Budget: Spend A Little To Save a Lot

Is your home budget balanced? Would you like to learn about some simple little ways to actually save while you spend? To save some money you sometimes have to spend a little money. This may sound like a complete oxymoron but just think about it for a minute. The word...

Stylish Kitchen Tips Straight From Design Magazines

A stylish kitchen will be the heart of your entire home. It is such a practical space in which we spend time socializing and where your family can come together to share meals and enjoy special time together. As the hub of the home, your kitchen should be practical as...

Zuster Embellish Is Aussie Luxury for Bold Interiors

Zuster Embellish will be launched at DENFAIR this month by an innovative Australian furniture design house headed by sisters Wilhelmina McCarroll and Fleur Sibbel. Zuster, which means ‘sisters’ in the Dutch language, has developed a reputation for artistic...

Vegetable Garden Mistakes To Avoid

Vegetable garden mistakes can be common if you don’t fully understand what you’re doing. It’s not a case of plant them and they will grow. You do need some expert advice on avoiding common vegetable garden mistakes. So are you planning on growing...

Rocky Rafaela Does Leather VERY Differently

The new Rocky Rafaela range of leather biker jacket and vests will take my motorbike riding to a whole new level. From the moment I saw the new Rocky Rafaela range I was hooked. It matters not to me that Ruby Rose and Gigi Hadid are converts. No! I travel my own road,...

Planning To Move House? Plan To Move Your Car!

When you’re planning to move house there are a million things to do and remember. Well, here’s one more. It’s a stressful and difficult time when it comes to planning to move house. This sort of job gets even worse when you start thinking about...

Bedroom Decor Tips for A Better Nights Sleep

Bedroom decor tips are not simply designed to create a luxurious sanctum from everyday life; it’s for a great nights sleep. Countless people wish they could get a better night’s sleep, but many of them are looking at all the wrong causes for their tossing and...

Curtain Insulation Tricks For A Warmer Home

Is your curtain insulation keeping your home warm now that the cold weather has hit? Try these tricks to save energy and keep your family cozy. There are four simple ways to ensure your curtain insulation is of a high standard. If you live in a cold climate and...

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