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Don’t Call Me Penny is a premier Australian website for all things related to Architecture, Building, Interior Design, and Outdoor Living. Hi, I’m Penelope Herbert – interior decorator and journalist. I’m fanatically passionate about unique style, interior design, dogs, and bubbles (yes, the ‘in a tall champagne flute’ kind). Please call me Penelope… but please don’t call me Penny; hence the name.

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don't call me penny
don't call me penny
don't call me penny

At Don’t Call Me Penny you’ll find tips, trends, expert advice, DIY, inspiration, exclusive features, and the best luxe and luxe-inspired architecture, design, interiors, homewares, outdoor living, garden style and more from Australia, Europe, USA, and unique artisans. We’ll give you tools, free advice, and inspiration on styling your home… your way.

don't call me penny
don't call me penny
don't call me penny

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Whether you are a homeowner or renter, if you want to love where you live Don’t Call Me Penny will show you how.

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Barbecue Brunch. Six Utterly Delicious Ideas

A barbecue brunch is the perfect way to start the weekend regardless of whether it’s just you or if you invite over a few friends. Brunch is without a doubt one of the best meals of the day, especially on the weekend. It’s a time when you can eat and drink...

25 Luxury Living Interior Design Tips

Luxury living interior design can be achieved on a budget… and not a big one. As a seasoned interior decorator, I’m going to share 25 of my top ideas for creating your own slice of heaven at home. If you’re on this website you’re probably as...

Hidden Home Renovation Costs: Don’t Get Caught

Hidden home renovation costs are those sneaky expenses that blow out the budget. That’s why you should add 25% to your budget for blow-out costs. However, if you can plan ahead of time you will save yourself thousands. Most people, when they plan to renovate and...

Top 8 Steps to Garden Shed Security

Garden shed security is an issue that often doesn’t receive the same attention as our house and garage. Why? Garden sheds are somewhere to keep many of our possessions, but often overlook when it comes to security. Burglaries from garden sheds are increasing in...

Unique Fireplace Concepts : Thinking Past Traditional Designs

Fireplaces are one of the most ancient concepts of heating homes. However, with the modern obsession of home improvements, fireplaces have moved beyond mere heating. They now also perform the task of beautifying your interior decor. Originally, log fireplaces were...

Home Security Solutions for A Safe Home

Home security solutions seem to get more complicated as time goes on. Of course, you want your family to be safe and your home investment protected. But could it be a bit simpler? Home is where the heart is and that’s where we spend a lot of our time. It’s...

Easy Ways To Build Exercise Into Your Day, Everyday

Exercise is part of your day whether you realize it or not. Slogging it out at the gym isn’t the only way to fit exercise into your busy life. There are so many things we’re supposed to do to stay healthy. Drink water, eat our 5 fruit and vege each day,...

Vintage Home Redecorating: 17 Modern Ideas

Vintage home redecorating is now a real trend, not simply a necessity from being unable to afford a new home. And don’t we vintage fiends love that. Buying an older house may be the ideal investment for your property portfolio. Or it could be the type of house...

How To Add More Natural Sunlight To Your Home

When you add more natural sunlight to your home your mood immediately lifts. It’s why people in Scandinavian countries, for example, go to cafes with special lights in the winter. It’s part of their Hygge lifestyle because natural sunlight is something we...

Style Sense : How To Use Your Senses To Create Style

Style sense can be intrinsic and it can certainly be learned. If you want to live with beautiful interiors then use your senses to create personalized decor. Some decor styles are incredibly unappealing. Often it’s the visual elements that don’t seem to...

Dream Bathroom Renovation With 10 Modern Ideas

A dream bathroom renovation is one of the top four desires of homeowners according to a recent Houzz survey. It’s also what sells homes. Whether you’ve just bought a new house and are about to renovate or you’re looking at remodeling your current home, one of...

Nude Gardening Safety Tips (Yes, You’ll Need Them)

Nude gardening is a wonderful way to commune with nature, grow beautiful flowers, and sustain life by growing your own fruit and vegies. But nude gardening does come with some warnings and not just privacy issues. May 6, 2017, is World Naked Gardening Day with people...

Think Like A Decorator With Expert Tricks

Would you like to think like a decorator? We all want our homes to reflect our personalities and suit our lifestyle. Those important elements don’t need to be sacrificed in order to create a home you love with the style you crave. Yes, you can easily think like a...

Art for Arts Sake : Perfect Hanging Ideas

I am a lover of art – hanging, object d’art, sculpture, quirky pieces, fabulous finds – but sometimes it’s hard to know how to display your precious memorabilia. Take hanging pictures, for example. They can be tricky, especially if you want to...

Autumn Home Styling With A Difference: Hygge (hue-gah)

Autumn home styling isn’t simply about adding leafy motifs to your decor and putting throws on the sofa. Far from it, actually. Now that we in Australia are in the full swing of autumn, it’s time to start thinking about changing your home decor to suit the...

Beautiful Gift Ideas for The One You Love This Mother’s Day

You love your Mother, and you’re probably still looking for beautiful gift ideas for Mother’s Day, right? There are so many ideas. So, what does your Mother love? Is she a DIY nut? An eco-warrior? A fashionista? An entertainer? An outdoor-loving free...

Stylish TV Storage: When Practicality Meets Aesthetics

Stylish TV storage is a modern issue as televisions become bigger, albeit thinner, and homes become more open plan. If you’ve ever wondered how to stylishly display or hide your TV these three chic ideas will inspire you. When it comes to interior design, we all...

Modern Bathroom Fixtures… but not like anything you’ve seen before

Modern bathroom fixtures come and go with most home owners playing it safe by choosing typical chrome tapware. So if you want to be traditional and safe them maybe this feature isn’t for you. However, if you like to push the boundaries of design, and colour,...

Minimalist Home Design: How to Get It Right

Minimalist home design isn’t simply sleek, stylish and Scandinavian. It’s a design mindset that can change the way that you live your life. Having a minimal home will definitely help you to be more organized and less stressed. Why? Because this design...

House Warming Hacks To Help You Settle In To A New Home

House warming hacks are simply useful tips to help you settle into a new home. Once the excitement has subsided, you have to get down to the business of living your life. No matter how excited you are about moving house, your first few weeks in a new home are always...

House Cleaning Ideas for Inside and Outside Your Home

There are house cleaning ideas for every room and every occasion, so how do you keep up with it all? Of course, anyone who is house proud wants their home to be perfect for residents and guests alike. But let’s face it; House & Garden won’t pop around...

Design-Build Tip: Spend Time Not Money for The Best Results

There is one major design-build tip that most experts will tell you. If you’ve done some homework on the trials and tribulations of self-builds, you’ll know it can take years to complete a house build project. This obviously costs a great deal of money....

The Perfect Pantry with Expert Storage Tips

A perfect pantry may seem like a dream to you; but not anymore. Whilst traditional options are often the best, storage must work in order to be effective. These expert storage tips for the perfect pantry will help you to organise shelves and pantries like a pro....

3 Large Garden Features You Can’t Ignore

Large garden features are great if you are lucky enough to live in a home with fantastic spaces at your disposal. Here are three versatile and useful large items to enhance your garden and add value to your home, if you have the space. To see what they are and READ MORE please click the title.


The Art of Incorporating Beautiful Fabrics in Home Décor

Welcome to a world of beautiful fabrics. Although a monochromatic design creates an atmosphere of simplicity and elegance, the boundary between monochromaticity and monotony often fades. Only when you start experimenting with interior design will your home gain a...

Preparing Property for Sale With Market Mastery

Preparing property for sale and home staging have both been added to the ‘must-do’ list when you are selling your home. With more people now involved with property investment, the different aspects of preparing property for sale have gained importance....

House Hunting: Don’t Kill It For Bad Design. Resuscitate It!

When house hunting, it’s easy to be swayed by the vision of the home as you view it. After all, that’s why you’re there. You have to judge whether the house is the right on for you. But should you be swayed by the specific design choices of the current home’s owner?...

Sneaky Tips To Maximize Space You Didn’t Know You Had

How to maximize space is the war cry of every home dweller. Of course, decluttering is the word on everyone’s lips, but what if you can maximize space without having a huge cleanout? Many people complain that they don’t have enough space but are you making...

Relaxation Techniques I Personally Recommend Because They Work

Relaxation techniques really need to be taught in schools. Our lives are more non-stop and stressful than ever before, and young people are often the ones who cope the least. Sometimes, in life, you need to take time to relax. It’s impossible to hurtle through every...

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