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don't call me penny
don't call me penny
don't call me penny


At Don’t Call Me Penny you’ll find tips, trends, expert advice, DIY, inspiration, exclusive features, and the best luxe and luxe-inspired architecture, design, interiors, homewares, outdoor living, garden style and more from Australia, Europe, USA, and unique artisans.

We’ll give you tools, free advice, and inspiration on how to create your own house to home beautiful. And if you need an interior designer, well we can help you there too.

don't call me penny
don't call me penny
don't call me penny

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Perfect Party Decorating Tips (six of them)

Expert party decorating tips can add to your own imagination when you are planing the perfect special event. Your role as host doesn’t begin and end with supplying drinks and food. The décor is important in order to get everyone in the right vibe. So regardless...

Pest Extermination In Hard To See Places

Pest extermination isn’t anything most of us want to face. From possums in the roof to stray cats preying on your birdlife, it’s easier to get rid of pests you can easily see. But what about small and tiny pests, especially when you don’t know how...

First Appearances: What People REALLY Notice

First appearances are exactly that – the first time you present yourself to someone. And, as the saying goes, there’s only one chance to make a first impression. We all want to make a good first impression. Seeing people react positively to first...

Fixing Bathroom Renovation Traps

A bathroom renovation is currently on the agenda for two clients of mine. Both have decided their current bathrooms are dated and bland, so I’m embarking on three bathroom re-designs (yes, one has two bathrooms). The bathroom is one of the most commonly...

Mobility Loss: Build A Winning Home Anyway

Mobility loss is often something home owners don’t anticipate when they build or buy their dream home. But it doesn’t mean you have to sell. Becoming less mobile is something that impacts millions. Whether it’s due to age, injuries, or trauma doesn’t...

Feminine Inspired Workspaces for Hardworking Women

Feminine inspired workspaces are not the preserve of fluffy and frou-frou; not according to an Architectural student and design blogger, Lana Hawkins. Inspiring and stylish feminine inspired workspaces will motivate any hardworking woman to continue reaching for the...

Summer Bedroom Changes With Six Simple Ideas

Creating a summer bedroom isn’t difficult. Because when the weather changes your décor can too. You don’t have to make massive summer bedroom changes either. Just a few small changes can make all the difference to the way your room feels and looks. Here are 6 simple...

Trans-Seasonal Flooring For The Perfect Finish

Trans-seasonal flooring is becoming more high profile due to hugely popular TV shows like The Block, House Rules, and The Home Team hitting our screens. So while Australian audiences are inspired to undertake renovations based on current trends, winter renovations may...

Home Emergency Tips So You’ll Sleep Easier

Does the thought of a random home emergency keep you up at night? Do you have the skills to fix most things that may go wrong with your home? There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a home emergency. Annoyingly, you are often completely unable to predict when...

Can Your Home Handle The Heat?

How will your home handle the heat when the summer rays come beating down? It’s not only about cooling down when the weather heats up. Now that summer is finally in full swing around half the world; you may come to realize something – your home was never...

Beware The Hidden Costs of Buying A House

Hidden costs are never a good surprise. Buying anything should have transparent costs and no more so than buying your biggest purchase; a home. If you are ever expecting something in life to be expensive, then it is buying a home. But in truth, buying a home can end...

Best Flooring: Find The Flaw In Your Floor

The best flooring is that which suits your purpose. There are so many options that it’s really not a case of laying carpet and that’s it. Unless you’re deep in thought, or in a state of deep shame, you probably don’t look at the floor or think about the...

Your Unique Home: Buy, Convert, Renovate, or Decorate

A unique home is one that reflects your individual personality, needs, travels, and style. It’s not necessarily about architecture (although it could be) but is very much about how you design your life. Everyone wants their house to feel like a unique home. It...

Your Ideal Bathroom Is Just A Few Stylish Steps Away

The ideal bathroom needn’t be out of your reach. From full blown renovations to tile touch-ups and chic accessories, you can create your ideal bathroom with a few simple tips. The bathroom is a place you go every single day. Whether you’re pampering yourself and...

The Easy Route to A Luxury Living Room

A luxury living room is a totally useable space for the entire family not just for special occasions or adults only events. Not anymore. The luxury living room space is unquestionably the heart of any family home. It’s the communal area for daily interactions and...

Common Wall Art Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Wall art mistakes are often made innocently enough. I mean, you just hang a picture right? Well, there’s the right way… and the wrong way. If you want ‘home beautiful’ then you need five wall art tips. The necessity of wall art for good...

Why Daily Gardening Creates A Stress-Free Mind

If daily gardening is not on your list of things to unwind and rid your body of stress, then maybe it should be. “Oh! I had such a stressful day”- is a pretty common statement, right? Returning to our home sweet home after a hectic day seems like the perfect antidote...

Gold Metallic Design for Opulent Excellence

Gold metallic design was a standout at Milan Design Week for very good reason. A gold metallic design palette brings drama, moodiness, luxury, and theatrics – the key ingredients being opulent, desired, and classic… all that glitters is most definitely...

Swimwear Update: Embrace the 2017 Trends

Time for a swimwear update? Does your swimwear collection need a refresh? Don’t panic – we’ve got you covered (or not!) with top trends for 2017. If you’re tired of the same old styles, you’ll be glad to know that 2017 is the year for a fresh and fabulous...

Relaxing Style for Your Coziest Home Retreat Ever

Relaxing style isn’t when you don’t to do the dishes for five days and leave the vacuming for yet another weekend. That’s HARDLY relaxing. For many of us, there’s no place like home after a hard day at work. So you need relaxing style to fully enjoy...

Nightmare Tenants? Here’s How To Salvage Your Property

Nightmare tenants are those that turn up on television tabloid news shows, usually running away from the camera. They are the ones you DON’T want renting your property. These days, lots of people are investing in property and it can make sense. One of the most...

Celebrity Chrissie Swan Shares Her Kitchen Renovation Tips

Chrissie Swan is best known for her big personality and her role as co-host on Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny radio show. She’s also the Mother of three small children… and recent owner of a daggy kitchen. Having gone through a recent...

Steel Pergolas: Strength + Styling With Low Maintenance

Steel pergolas can be very modern and cool or they can be styled to look rustic and warm. But what about their other advantages? Pergolas have always added to the aesthetic beauty of properties and gardens. They are primarily for beautification and shading with...

Strip Back Layers And Find A New Interior Design Approach

Strip back and lay bare the bones of your home. It just might be the interior design approach you need. When we turn our hands to interior design, we often add things to our homes. We stock up on new furniture, lay new carpet, and add yet another layer of paint. What...

How a Simple Smile Can Change Your Outlook on Life

A simple smile, either given or received, will do a whole lot more than show off great dental hygiene. You’ve probably heard about this before, but there are many positive benefits to smiling. One of those benefits is an increased sense of joy and happiness in a...

How to Choose the Right Rug, Every Time

Colour + Texture + Size: How to Choose the Right Rug, Every Time Not only are area rugs stylish accessories to your home décor, but they also create an atmosphere of cosiness and comfort, add depth to a room, break a monotonous look and tie a room together. However,...

The Art of Dressing Well for Any Occasion

Dressing well is, for the most part, subjective. For some it’s a ball gown and tiara. Others are comfortable in dress jeans and hot shoes. However dressing well isn’t simply limited to WHAT we wear. It’s also WHERE we wear it. Most of us struggle...

Cherie Barber’s Simple Bathroom Kitchen Transformations

Bathroom and kitchen transformations can add significant value to your home if you plan to sell. They can also remove the need to move house if your bathroom kitchen transformations are undertaken expertly. Renovating for Profit’s Cherie Barber is very...

Crafting The Beach Body You’ve Always Wanted

Beach body baby, the sun’s on the way and it wants you to come out and play. Every summer most people re-assess their approach to their fitness and healthy eating regimen. You might have fallen off your steadfast commitment to your new year’s resolution to...

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